Lustic Boxers

  Lustic Boxers 

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According to the AKC, Boxers are the number 7 dog, as of 2011. In 2009, they were the number 6 most popular dog, but for both 2010 and 2011, the breed has been marked as number 7. Of all the dog breeds, the Boxer is quite a popular dog.

The breed is very versatile. He can adapt to most living environments, whether apartment living, rural living, or urban settings. Boxers can perform almost any duty, and he will succeed at being a watchdog or a family companion. The breed can be quite playful and silly; you’ll find the regular and daily exercise is necessary.


Boxers are quite loyal, and they will bond easily and permanently to their humans. They are generally quite friendly, but will view strangers at their door warily and bark impressively.


Boxers have an instinct for protection, which should not necessarily be confused with aggression behaviors. This protection instinct makes the breed great when working with the military or with police. Once the Boxer understands that the guest is welcome into the home, he will great with enthusiasm with a full body wiggle of joy.


Boxers are very intelligent dogs that are not only quick to learn but built to please his humans. Boxers are great with obedience training, as well as agility, flyball, and Schutzhund training. At the same time, keep in mind that Boxers are working dogs and can be quite stubborn and strong-minded. You want to be upbeat and positive when training Boxers, as they can be sensitive, even shutting down temporarily when jerked around too much.

Great with Children

Boxers have a natural fondness for children, which make them very popular among families. They tend to have the ability to discern older children who like to romp on the floor from younger children who aren’t prepared for rough play. But, like many big dogs, they can accidentally hurt smaller children when playing, which is why it is always keep in mind that no matter the dog or the dog breed, always supervise children and dogs.

Boxers are known to be quite protective of the children in their home.

Ok with Other Animals

The breed is generally fine in a multi-pet home with other Boxers or dog breeds. Male-female pairings tend to develop the best, whereas unaltered male-male or female-female pairings may result in dominance issues. If a Boxer dislikes another dog, he may carry a lifetime and permanent grudge that may result in permanent separation between the two dogs. When introducing two dogs, it is best to do so on neutral territory.

Although Boxers are generally good with other dogs, agression is always a concern, as their heritage is drawn from sporting dogs.

When it comes to housing a Boxer with other animals, such as cats, birds, reptiles, and other small mammals, you’ll need to introduce with caution, as Boxers are naturally curious dogs with a prey drive. Introductions may be slow with other pets, but can pay off with harmony; although, supervision may always be needed.

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