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Boxer Dog
It's now gone on 6 years since we were blessed to have had Bruno as a part of our family. Bruno is a perfect example of the breed which is a credit to you. Bruno is much loved part of the family and his loyalty and affection is what makes him so special. So once again a big thank you for our big bundle of joy :) .

Andrew and Susan Belia
We love our little Holly so much. You have sent us the" best dog" ever... She puts a big smile on our face all day long. Holly is very cheeky and tries so hard to talk to us. I've never known a boxer so vocal, she sounds like a little munchican gremlin, she is so funny!!!!
She has put on 3kilo's, she now weighs 10kilo's. She loves her food and chicken wings so much...very good on the tooth!!Everyone that see's her comments on her beautiful colouring, and of course her pretty face. Her markings are exceptional!! It was love at first sight...Her feet are huge, she is going to be a big girl. We have her enrolled
in puppy school, starting in a few weeks, which should be fun to interact her with other pups. It will be so good when she is covered with her vaccinations and allowing her to socialize.I promise to send you photo's and keep you updated with this special little girl.
Once again THANKYOU SO MUCH... she has the most beautiful nature and                                                                                                    is very loved.

                                                                                  Warm regards
                                                                                  Deb and Kym Zubrinich. Perth, WA  
Matie is the most beautiful, sociable, gentle boy. We couldn't of asked for a more precious dog. He has a beautiful temperament, is so affectionate & we think he is the most handsome boy going around.

He has the sweetest nature & is truly a character of his own. Matie is definitely a huge part of our little family. I wish we could add another of one of his brothers & sisters to join us.... maybe one day!

Thank you Lustic for breeding this beautiful boy! He is so well loved!

Leticia, Mitch & Matie
Brisbane, QLD

(Matie after a hard days work)
Zed & Lex are the most beautiful puppies ever! We are so happy that we chose Lustic, as they have the most wonderful temperament, healthy and interactive! They are going to be big boys when they are older!
We love to dote on them and they are attending Puppy School and proving to be smart boys!

They love their food, and to go on walks around our property - they love being outdoors! Zed & Lex have brought so much joy to our lives, and are very special to us. Every night we sit with them while they are sleeping and admire at the wonders they are :) Everyone who meets them fall in love straight away and comment on their stature, personalities and good health! They are just simply divine!

Thank you for your amazing boys, Lustic really do justice to the Boxer breed and produce amazing puppies! We will be sure to keep in touch and send you photos of when they are older!

We have had lots of visits to our families houses, and they love to socialise and meet new people although a little hesitant when we first get out of the car. We have been to our local Vet - Swan Vetinary Hospital - Clinton's is good friends with the owner who is a well known and respected Vet within the area - the boys did really well and sat next to me the whole time and didn’t    even flinch when they got their needles  The Vet said that they are VERY healthy boys, and that the Breeders should be proud :).

Jerusha & Clinton - Parkerville, WA
Bonnie has been a welcome addition to the family and has the most loving and caring nature. Her temperament is so playful and energetic. She's extremely loyal to all members of the family and loves to play with my 3 year old niece.

We loved her as soon as we went to choose a puppy and could not be happier with the decision we made. We don't know how we went so long without this beautiful and loving addition.

Thank you so much to lustic kennels for Bonnie. She has been so much more than we ever expected.

--(Sweet Dreams Little Angel)
Thank you for Billy & Hunter. They have enriched our lives & we couldn't imagine life any other way. They are so much fun, so full of energy & make us laugh daily. Being half-brothers, Billy & Hunter love each other very much. Boxers really are the best breed, & Lustic Kennel Boxers in particular.
Our boys brighten our day. We love our boys so much! Thanks Georgina!!
Chris & Jessica, Tyabb VIC
Frank came into our lives a short 5 weeks ago, but he is so much a part of the family it feels like he's always been with us. He is universally adored by us and everyone who meets him. Even the vet has commented on what a good looking and pleasant natured dog he is!  He keeps us amused with his antics when he chases his toys or his tail and gives us kisses on demand. Thank you so much for allowing us the privilege of having Frank join our family.

The Gustafsons, Vic

A lovely letter recieved from Asta Gustafson
A lovely letter from Katarina Gustafson
Fern and Frank are the cutest puppies I've ever seen in my life. I am going to love to see them growing up together. I know all the spots to scratch them that makes them kick their legs! They love being together. I love them so much

Fern and Frank look so cute when they sleep next to each other. Sometimes Fern's face is in Franks butt! 

Frank and Fern are very very very naughty together, they keep chasing the chooks! When they fall asleep they hug each other and that is adorable :-)  Frank loves his walks to the park and we can't wait to take Fern too.

                                                                                                            Frank and Fern are very cute, even when they tend to be a little naughty.
                                                                                                            Most of the time they are really good. I really like having them.

Thanks for the most wonderful addition to our family. Not only is he a handsome boy but he has the most wonderful temperament, a typical Boxer, he just wants to be with his family and share lots of love.
That doesn’t mean he isn’t boisterous and full of life!! Or that he doesn’t destroy the odd sock, shoe, toy...
We love him so much.

Steve,Vicki,Tom and April.

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